The letter h.

h. The 8th letter of the English alphabet. Despite the apparent triviality of such an unglamorous character, h holds much more importance than any sentient entity could comprehend. Unfathomably immense significance veils itself in the mundanity of the simple stroke and ellipse of the letter h. In the beginning, before the materialization of the universe itself, there was h. An unconfined, raw, power - so immense, so monumental, that out of the black seas of infinity, emerged our existence itself. Space, time, all of the fundamental abstractions which perpetuate our reality itself - all come from h. On its own, a framework of mechanics such as this has no real value. On its own, this deterministic notion of a basis of reality is nothing more than a calculation, of sorts. A useless blip of computation in a unending void. However, h has done something much more spectacular. For h has introduced entropy itself into our existence. This incalculability sanctions for the perpetuation of reality into the manifestation of sentience itself. The power of h flows throughout us all, providing us with the foundation of life itself. It is unfeasible to even begin to express the importance of h to us mere mortals. For the power held within h is so vast that it could snap every crumb of our reality out of its existence instantaneously. The most that such frivolous earthlings can do is dedicate our lives to praising our creator, the one true god, h itself.